Continuous, Automated SO2 Compliance- Get Ready!

Detect and correct misconfigurations throughout your technology stack in real-time. Get total access to crucial security and privacy compliance concerns, as well as actionable insights for audits real quick.

Accelerate SOC 2 Compliance!

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SOC 2: The Current Security Compliance Norm

SOC 2 Compliance reports on your internal controls across five areas: security, availability,confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy.

Audit Period Audit Description SOC 2 Type I Point in time. Assesses the design and implementation of security processes at a specific point in time.

SOC 2 Type II 3 – 12 months Assesses the effectiveness of security processes by observing operations over at least 3 months, with 12 months recommended.

SOC 2 Automation Tool- Scan and Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure!

We connect with, monitor, and help configure your cloud infrastructure to be SOC 2 compliant. Plus, there is no need to install agents — we scan through read-only access.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor 25+ cloud services including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Review vulnerabilities through our dashboard with associated risk scores and details.

Assess and Manage Vendor Risk

We make it simple for you to complete vendor risk assessments, regularly review vendors, and complete required due diligence.
Key Benefits:

  • Perform and manage vendor risk assessments
  • Store, manage and review vendor security certifications and reports for SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, CCPA, and GDPR

Build Your Own SOC 2 Compliance Policies

We help you design SOC 2 Compliance security policies that are right for your business. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish them to your employees — all through the Socurely platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Access dozens of policies developed and vetted by our in-house security experts and former auditors
  • Easily publish to your employees for review and acknowledgement through the Socurely platform

Easily Onboard and Offboard Your Employees

Our seamless workflow streamlines the onboarding and offboarding process for your employees. Easily track that your designated in-scope personnel have completed background checks, security awareness training, and acceptance of security policies — all through our employee dashboard.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate employee onboarding with our automated self-serve process
  • View employee progress across all assigned tasks through our reports and dashboards

What is Included with Our SOC 2 Compliance?

The average SOC 2 Compliance has more than 200 security controls. We automate and streamline each into 10 steps for your ultimate safety in real-time.

Socurely offers the most comprehensive and rapid SOC 2 automation compliance.

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Auditor Approved Policies
  • Support and Live Communication
  • 24/7 Continuous Control Monitoring
  • Seamless Risk Assessments
  • Vendor Management
  • Real-Time Security Reports
  • All-in-one Compliance Automation
  • Endpoint Monitoring
  • Control Library