Compliance Monitoring Framework

Socurely offers a fast, simple, and smart compliance monitoring framework for the effectiveness and development of security programs.
Detect and correct misconfigurations throughout your technology stack in real time with our compliance monitoring service. Get total access to crucial security and privacy compliance concerns and actionable insights.

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Actionable Notifications

A robust compliance monitoring framework ensures timely notifications, helping your organization stay on top of its compliance obligations. Create custom notifications for required annual tasks such as quarterly user access reviews and annual penetration testing. Set up reminders for employees to accomplish given activities such as policy acceptance and security awareness training.

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Automated Evidence Collection

Socurely slashes the effort of gathering evidence using pre-build integration of Compliance Monitoring Framework. Use our 25+ integrations to address the most concerning vulnerabilities. Maintain and control your rules, processes, and documentation with tests that match compliance framework controls and fulfill requirements to automate manual evidence collecting.

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Continuous Regulations Updates

Socurely keep your compliance management up-to-date by regularly monitoring and incorporating changes in regulatory requirements. Decrease manual labor by up to 75%, boost accountability and infosec task completion speed, and work well with your auditors with our continuous, real-time compliance monitoring updates.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Socurely monitors your compliance status in real time and identifies warnings for failed tests. Administrators receive proactive email reminders in real-time when tests demand attention or test status changes faced by our compliance monitoring framework.

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Compliance Monitoring Service- Key Features

  • Policy Management Center- Manage your security program effortlessly by utilizing our pre-existing policies. We help you develop and maintain these policies, ensuring they align with industry standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more. Our tailored management approach streamlines the process for you.


  • Scoping And Monitoring- Scope controls and monitors compliance status in real-time, allowing proactive management of requirement-related risks. Our solutions provide real-time insights to ensure your business meets all requirements. Stay on top of your compliance with our aligned compliance monitoring service.


  • Collaborate with Auditors- Simplify audits by inviting auditors directly to our compliance monitoring framework platform. Share critical artifacts with them and actively monitor their status for quicker and smoother audits. Improve efficiency with our seamless collaboration and reduce internal pressure.


  • Automate Evidence Collection- Reduce manual effort by automating the collection of evidence. Our compliance monitoring service system integrates with over 25 platforms and mapped controls within the compliance monitoring framework, which minimizes the risk of missing or incomplete evidence collection.
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How Socurely Work?

Connect Your System:

  • Align controls with your specific risks with the Compliance Monitoring Framework.
  • Utilize pre-built control mapping to align with necessary compliance frameworks.


Requirement And Controls Scoping:

  • Identify and define the compliance requirements.
  • Implement the controls necessary for your compliance program.


Risk Management and Assessment:

  • Identify open hazards and critical issues efficiently.
  • Monitor corrective actions in a single dashboard.
  • Assign and track activities seamlessly, all within one window.


Stay Informed with Compliance Status:

  • Integrate preferred messaging services or email providers.
  • Receive alerts and notifications to stay updated on necessary actions.


Efficient Audits with Auditor Collaboration:

  • Invite auditors to the platform for real-time audit management.
  • Eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails and document sharing.
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