Elevate Your Data Privacy with CCPA Compliance Security & Transparency

Socurely stands as your trusted partner, providing comprehensive CCPA Compliance (California Consumer Protection Act) solutions to navigate the complexities and you can focus on growing your business, customers, and revenue.

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CCPA Compliance: California's Landmark Consumer Privacy Law

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) grant more control over the use and sale of residents’ personal data.

Companies that target or collect the personal data of California residents must comply with various privacy requirements and maintain certain security controls. Organizations that fail to achieve CCPA compliance are liable with a fine of $2,500 per unintentional violation and $7,500 per intentional violation.

Set up CCPA Compliance Policies and Procedures in Realtime

We help you design CCPA Compliance policies and procedures that are right for your business. Select from our library of policies, adapt them for your organization, and publish them to your personnel for review.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily publish policies for your personnel to review and acknowledge through the Socurely platform
  • Gain expert guidance from compliance industry veterans and former privacy and information security professionals

Train Personnel with Exclusive CCPA Compliance Training from Socurely

CCPA Compliance training can be expensive and complex. We’ve built our own proprietary CCPA training for personnel working with CCPA-protected data and those responsible for protecting it so you get everything you need from one platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete complex regulatory training within 30 minutes
  • Track employee training completion automatically in the Socurely platform

Stay In Secured Compliance with Socurely CCPA Management

We help you maintain compliance by staying current on the latest regulations and updating our frameworks accordingly. As new policies, procedures, or other requirements are added to CCPA, our platform is updated.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplify PII management across vendors
  • Proactively resolve threats with real-time notifications

What Is Included with Our CCPA Compliance?

Socurely simplifies CCPA requirements automating CCPA compliance measures. We ensure you save time, strengthen your security, and confidently achieve compliance. Our all-in-one CCPA Compliance includes-

  • CCPA Control Library
  • Information Security Policies
  • Framework Control Overlap
  • Security Posture Visibility
  • Asset Inventory
  • Support and Live Chat
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Real-Time CCPA Solutions
  • 24*7 CCPA Compliance Support
  • Overall Compliance Automation