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What is Firewall

A firewall is a security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. It acts as a barrier between trusted internal networks and untrusted external networks. Firewalls come in various varieties, such as application-level gateways, stateful inspection firewalls, packet-filtering firewalls, and next-generation firewalls.

Firewalls can be implemented as hardware or software, and they can be made to filter traffic according to a variety of parameters, including IP addresses, ports, protocols, and content. They can also be set up to permit or prohibit traffic by an organization’s particular requirements; for example, they can be set up to restrict access to particular individuals or devices or to prohibit access to specific websites or applications.

Firewalls are a crucial part of network security because they guard against a variety of online dangers, including malware, phishing scams, and illegal access. By limiting access to critical information and keeping an eye out for any unusual activity on the network, they can also aid in the prevention of data breaches.